Kontokosta Winery Greenport, Long Island Wedding Photos


kontokosta winery Greenport long island wedding photographerwinery_wedding002IMG_0573IMG_0605IMG_0976IMG_0839IMG_0777IMG_0646IMG_0767IMG_0686winery_wedding012IMG_8793IMG_8799IMG_8846IMG_8871IMG_8929IMG_8902kontokosta winery greenport long island wedding winery_wedding008winery_wedding011IMG_8957IMG_0958winery_wedding009IMG_8955IMG_8990winery_wedding007IMG_9065IMG_9207winery_wedding013IMG_9104IMG_9138IMG_9176IMG_8774IMG_0949IMG_9172IMG_0901IMG_0934IMG_1060winery_wedding006IMG_1143winery_wedding014IMG_1104winery_wedding005winery_wedding004winery_wedding003IMG_0867IMG_9215IMG_9348IMG_9333IMG_9269IMG_9260winery_wedding015IMG_1212IMG_1202IMG_1183IMG_1177IMG_1367IMG_1366IMG_9457IMG_9444winery_wedding016IMG_9388


This wedding was so beautiful, from start to finish. From the details to the speeches, to the magnificent sunset view. It was a pleasure capturing this wedding I was fortunate to tag along with colleague Lauren Gabrielle. Thank you Lauren for having me in your team.

Venue: Kontokosta Winery




Kelly loeffler : 11:29 January 22, 2016
Stunning outdoor wedding ceremony at the Kontokosta Winery the detail shots you take are amazing and you really capture the emotion of the day
    angelacardenas : 15:13 January 22, 2016
    Thanks Kelly!!
Irene : 13:58 January 22, 2016
Beautifully captured! That sunset is just amazing. Great end to a great wedding.
Diane Valentine : 12:59 March 6, 2017
Kontokosta Vineyard with a Sperry Tent is quite the experience. Loved looking at the photos!
    angelacardenas : 23:00 March 22, 2017
    Thanks so much Diane for stopping by! :)

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