-Because I am blessed, I live and believe-

I believe photography is a snapshot of life, where a feeling is captured and magically stored in a timeless memory, a memory that can bring you back to that same instant, the excitement of a moment and cherish the tangible feeling of a photograph. I was born in Ecuador where I spent my childhood surrounded by the unconditional love of my abuelita, she now resides in heaven. I was always independent and silly in front of a camera. I wasn’t too much into playing with a camera and preferred to play in the garden, running around, catching butterflies and always excited to find a ladybug, aren’t they so pretty?

I’m a graphic designer by trade but photography found me first and has been a special part of me ever since my first black and white print I developed in my first photography class. I enjoy handmade things, very often I find myself browsing on Pinterest looking for DIY small projects, oh! so many pretty things. I’m passionate about cooking and coming up with new recipes. I am obsessed with spices, you name it, very likely I have it. Food photography is something I enjoy doing, I can photograph something delicious and then make it disappear minutes later. I believe that brownies should always have walnuts. I love to travel, it would be amazing to just travel for work and discover the amazing different places this world has to offer. I think music can also take us back to many different moments and feelings. I love music from around the world, acoustic melodies, love flamenco and would love to learn how to dance tango, because… why not? It’s never too late to learn something new.

I consider myself a very positive person, with an “I can do it” type of attitude. I believe that struggles are important in life to make us appreciate it more and to grow from within. I believe that kindness can go a long way and can be contagious. I think food taste better when is made with love and while dancing. I believe in the type of love that makes your heart skip a beat, that makes you happy and smile all day until your cheeks hurt.

God has blessed me with the strength to overcome different stages in my life and also with amazing siblings and friends. I am a dreamer, perhaps a hopeless romantic with a touch of reality and silliness to have a good balance. I have been blessed in so many ways and I do believe that every day is a blessing, a new beginning.

I look forward to being part of your memories and help make them timeless.